Friday, January 1, 2016

The assumed shooting star of California was actually Russian space wreck

A sparking light like a ball of fire was seen in the sky of California on Tuesday. That was really salient. apparently, it was guessed as a shooting star but  actually it was  a wreckage of a Russian space. U.s defense officials have opened the fact. The zooming photographs and video of the sparking light have taken.
California was actually Russian space wreck

 From the video, we can know that it was bright and its movement was slow. According to NBC news, the U.S strategic command assured the spark light wasn’t any shooting star. It was a Russian space wreck.

The Russian sl-4 rocket body was seen on the south of Las Vegas. It was also seen in the eastern sky from southern California. The rocket body was reentered the earth atmosphere above Arizona at about 7.08pm. The rocket among the other thousands of space objects were monitored by the Joint Space Operation Center.

Virtually, at first, it was the exordial thought of many that the sparking light was a shooting star.  But now it is clear that the notable as well as amazing ball of fire was a Russian space wreckage though it was seen like a dazzling star in the sky of California.



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