Sunday, November 20, 2016

The repairing system for “touch disease” on iphone 6 plus is available now

Apple has added a new repair program on iphone 6 Plus. The repair program will be used especially for   “touch disease”. This disease makes the touch screen useless. It appeared as a thin grey line at the display. Usually we can find it at the top of the display.

Apple says that “touch disease” is caused by dropping the phone repeatedly. The victims have to pay $149 to repair the phone. The company will not cover the repairing cost. So it is not so comfortable to repair the phone for the users.

The company says on its website “Apple has determined that some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit display flickering or Multi-Touch issues after being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device” Apple also writes on its official page” If your iPhone 6 Plus is exhibiting the symptoms noted above, is in working order, and the screen is not cracked or broken, Apple will repair your device for a service price of $149.”

We have known from Apple that who had to already pay for this kind of repair is equal to the new price amount which is considered as the repairing charge. Apple has fixed the repairing cost $149 for this problem. So the victims must contact Apple for technical support and the new system of servicing.

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The mystery of the creation of Himalayas by asteroid strike is discovered


In this Age, the asteroid strike is a common topic in the world of science. It killed the dinosaurs and produced the Himalayas. This topic has discussed from a long time. We got various kinds of information from that discussion but much information was unrevealed by the scientists. For that cause we could not get some news about the asteroid strike which had killed the dinosaurs.

Many scientists have been studying about the asteroid strike on earth. Now we can know that scientists say they can reveal how the asteroid produced the huge crater. This is really an interesting topic for us. The scientists have been researching the crater in Mexico for many years.

At present they are trying to discover the colossal forces created by that impact were like.
The asteroid strike was so powerful. It caused a mass extinction event. For that asteroid about all living being was killed of the planet. It was so harmful for the lively world.

It was so much dangerous for the living being of the world. Now we can know that the instant Himalayas had built by the asteroid. We can also get much information about that day by day. So the mystery of the mountain’s creation is revealing very fast. Really it is very good news for the science lovers.

Many institutions and scientists have tried to discover the truth about the creation of Himalayas. Now they are analyzing its rocks. They are researching with the rocks very carefully. These researches show that how hard surface of the planet was made by the fluid. In this way, the mountain has created by the steroid strike which is higher than Everest.  

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Friday, November 18, 2016

The surface table of Microsoft is used with projectors and sensors


Microsoft is using surface table with projectors and sensors at present. It is a great technology for Microsoft to fulfill its aim. The resolution of the surface table is high. So it is very helpful for the software users. The surface table has made the works of Microsoft easier than before.

The surface table with projector makes the technology cheaper instead of the expensive screen. It makes the technology more realistic also. It is really useful creation. This new creation could be placed on a surface such as a table. The table should be large. Then the table has to turn into a wide-screened computing device.

In Microsoft, ‘surface’ is a common word. It has come in Microsoft before a long time. It is one of the major phenomenons in the field of software. So it can be said that Surface table is valuable and helpful for any software company.

At first the surface table has used from the idea of a coffee table which was functioned as a touch screen computer. From that time it is developing day by day. It has modified as 2-in-1 tablets. It has also modified as a large whiteboard or screen computer and so on.

 It is notable that recently surface table has modified as all-in one pc. Now It is using projectors and sensors instead of any touch screen. This system helps the surface table to do its work without expensive screens.

After considering the above aspects, it needs no telling that the using system of projectors and sensors of the surface table makes the works of Microsoft easier. It also makes the service more comfortable for the users.

SOURCE: mspoweruser

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two-step verification is added in WhatsApp as the strong security system

WhatsApp has included a new security system in its service. It has created a new verification system. The system can be called as two-step verification. Really,  whatsApp is a very  helpful App for  us.

 Now-a-days whatsApp is a very useful App in the field of digital world. It has given us many facilities which make our works easier than earlier .In this way; WhatApp helps us by giving many comfortable services. Subsequently, a new verification system is created by WhatsApp.

    The two-step verification system will be available in some of the beta versions of the WhatsApp. Really it is good news for the WhatsApp users. This new system can give us strong security. It can be aptly said that two-step verification system is a blessing for us.

If we see the account settings, we will get a new verification system. Then we go to the explanation for getting the rules of the new system. In this way, we can know about the new verification system clearly. Then we can use this system very easily which helps the Whatsup to fulfill its aim properly.

Let's discuss the rules of the two-verification system. At first, we should tap the verification option. Then we have to enter a 6-digit as the password. The passcode will help us to open the WhatsApp account. Then we have to register our phone number and confirm it.We have to give our email address so that it can be used to reset our password if we forget it.

 After this process, the two-step verification system will be done. Then the system will active on our phone number. Then we will able to activate WhatsApp with the same number and we have to use the password of the email account to reset it. So no one can be able to activate our WhatsApp account without knowing the password.   

SOURCE:  AndroidPolice
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