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10 Latest Upcoming cars 2016 - 2018


A few notable new models of car is going to be released. Honda is selling the HR-V. Jeep have started selling the Renegade. It is notable that the HR-V of Honda and the Renegade both are subcompact CUVs. Alfa Romeo have began selling its tiny 4C to the buyer.

A list of upcoming cars of 2016 is given below,10 new cars is included here-
1.  Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X- latesttechinfo-com
Tesla Model X

The next car of tesla will be the Model X crossover SUV.Ti has rear doors. The doors are folded straight up. The cause of production delays was these gull-wing-style doors. It can be expected that the new model will more popular than the model S. It has three rows. The car has towing capabilities also.

2.  Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tacoma- latesttechinfo-com
Toyota Tacoma
There is no notable changes of the Toyota Tacoma  like the Nissan Titan in this year.The new generation has been around with a few improvements. The general Motors has gotten back into the midsize pickup truck game. A big competition is waiting for Tacoma. It will be a famous model to the customers.

3.   Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai doesn’t look like other cars which we can see on the road. It has a sell of hydrogen-power fuel.This is the unique style of this car. It has a 153-horsepower motor.There is a tank of hydrogen also.It give the car 300-mile driving range. Now we will wait for this car.

4.  Ford Focus RS

IT is one of the latest upcoming cars in 2016. It has a 350 horsepower making engine. There are four cylinder in this engine. The engine will make up to 350 pound –feet of torque. It has all-wheel-drive system. It can be expected that the Focus RS will be a ridiculous hot hatch.

5.  Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

It is a awesome model of car. It is another notable new car in 2016. It has a 5.2-liter tank. The engine can make 526 horsepower. It will be extremely fast. If anyone want to drive slowly, the engine will work like that.

  6.  Acura NSX

This is a latest model of car. It was seen at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show . But very soon we will get this new model. It is a hybrid supercar. It has Twin-turbocharged V6.The three electric motors will make 550 horsepower. So Acura NSX is really notable upcoming car.

7. Nissan Titan XD

It is one of the upcoming car in 2016. It is banking on the XD filling the gap between light-duty and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Its engine works by turbo diesel.  That makes 310 horsepower and 555 pound-feet of torque. The engine has guaranteed also.

8. Honda Civic

It is a more exciting car. At first, it was seen at New York Auto Show. But now we will get a new Honda civic. Its engine is turbocharged. The engine has four-cylinder. It has a 1.5-liter turbo, as well as an optional manual transmission and sportier driving behavior.

9.  Chevrolet Volt

     It is another new model of car in 2016. It is a better looking car. The car is all-electric rang. It has a better interior. It has made by high-quality materials. The car is an electric car. It has a gasoline engine. A generator is used to charge the batteries.

10. Cadillac CT6

It is another latest model of car in the year. It is a good looking car. Cadillac put the emphasis on technology. It has a , pairing turbocharged engine. It will  come with its fair share of luxury features. It can be also say that the car will be so famous to the customer.

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