Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nokia 9 is coming soon during 2018

Nokia 9 is coming soon during 2018

Nokia is a well-known brand of mobile phone. It is going to give us a new model of Nokia. We may get Nokia 9 very soon. This model might be considered as the top of the line model. It is a great news for us that we will get Nokia 9 during this year.

We can confirm that Nokia 9 or Nokia 9 2018 is a flagship that will come powered by snapdragon 845. Nokia 9 will come with 2018 roadmap. However Nokia 9 has been given as Nokia 8 sirocco in 2018.it will help the Nokia lovers to fulfill their demand about smartphone.

Nokia 9 will be the 2018 flagship with many facilities.it will have best-camera, latest design and some special features. Nokia 9 camera will be more powerful than Nokia 8 pro camera. The display of Nokia 9 will also better than Nokia 8 pro display. So the news is very pleasant for the customers.
We can expect that the display of Nokia 9 may be (5.7 inch). But the size of the display of Nokia 9 is not confirmed at present. We can hopeful about the camera and the display size of Nokia 9 .Nokia 9 will come soon with its better features than Nokia 8 pro.

Now we can come to the prize of Nokia 9. The prize will more than the prize of Nokia 8 pro. So it may be more expensive than Nokia 8 pro. Its prize may be like Samsung galaxy s9+. The range of the prize will be like the range of top android flagships. This device will be powered by snapdragon 845.we may get the announcement of coming Nokia 9 later the Nokia 8 pro in September 2018.



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