Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Be careful-We get 70% false information on twitter and other social media

Be careful-We get 70% false information on twitter and other social media

It is a pathetic news for the readers that the quickness of spread of the false news on twitter is much. We can get any news from twitter quickly but it may be false at all. So it is a very bad news for the readers who expect true and important news from twitter. The collected news can be helpful for the readers if the news are true. It has known to us that 70% news maybe false which are spreading so quickly on twitter.

The Massachusetts Institute of technology’s researchers examining that about 126,000 stories have shared on twitter are false. These false news are shared by approximately 3 million people on twitter. And we have gotten these false news on twitter from 2006 to 2017. These false news can be considered as 70% among total news during these time. It means we got 30% true information on twitter only.

Another study of the journal Science is about the percentage of the false news circulates on social media like twitter. It can be said that the percentage is approximately 70% of false news on twitter during 2016-2017.Twitter have been under scrutiny by international regulators and U.S lawmakers. These institutions can help to prevent the spread of false news on twitter and other social media like Facebook.

The statistics says that the false contents are reviewed by six independent fact-checking institutions like as Snopes and Politifact for assessing their veracity. It can be said that the false information spread more quickly or rapidly than true information. The false news are about terrorism, natural disasters, science and financial information etc. that we can know from the researchers mainly. So have to be careful about these false news and justify these news before believe these.


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