Thursday, March 15, 2018

Flying taxis are experimented by Google without pilot

Flying taxis are experimented by Google without pilot

A good news for the technology lovers that Google experimented with flying taxis without pilot. The experiment has held in New Zealand. It is a success for the technology lovers about their dream. We want a modern world with uncountable gift of modern science and technology.
 Cora, the electric aircraft is used for this experiment. It has a dozen lift rotors on its wings. The wings help the taxis to able to vertical take-off as well as landing system also. It can land like a helicopter. It can transport passengers in urban areas by using root tops as well as car parks as landing pads. Zephyr chief executive Fred Reid said “. We are offering a pollution free, emission free vehicle that flies dependably, we think this is the logical next step in the evolution of transportation,”

The Cora has experimented in the New Zealand at south Island. Three on-board computers is used which help the Cora to calculate its flight path. The Cora is able to carry two passengers at all. The computers of this Cora can operate independently. It can help the Cora during any danger. The computers are able to take necessary step during the time of danger. The aircraft can give a parachute if it is needed for the passengers.

However, the aircraft has a range of 100 kilometers [62 miles]. The reaching speed of this aircraft is 150 kmh . Page’s company is developing a small personal aircraft named as Kitty Hawk Flyer in the United States last year. The Cora is look like a plaything. It is suitable for flying above water. So it can be consider as a magical gift of modern science as well as modern technology also.


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