Sunday, March 18, 2018

Google map included wheelchair accessible routes by Google

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Google map included wheelchair accessible routes by Google

We want to inform that Google has included wheelchair accessible routs in Google map. This ability is available in certain big cities. The public transit system has made these accessible routs in various cities at present time.

It can be pointed that Google these public transit systems are easy to use for the individuals. The users of wheelchairs can take this opportunity which is given by Google. This kind of wheelchair routes will be useful as well as helpful for the individuals. The users can use these routes in specific ways those Google gives its users. The users can update the Google map by the specific system which will be helpful for all.

The users can use the maps by some rules which are not so hard to know. If we want to use the Maps
we have to go in “Directions” first, next we have to go in “option” and press the bottom of “wheelchair accessible”. This is visible in the transmit navigation system. The opportunity is available in some big cities hopefully.

In conclusion, it is clear that Google has announced that this kind of opportunity of Google maps 
will be available in other cities day by day. We will get the wheelchair accessible routes in more 
cities. This is a great idea of Google to serve people by these facilities of Google maps. We can 
expect that these kinds of facilities will help us to improve our lifestyle.

SOURCE: Google Map


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