Saturday, March 17, 2018

NASA is going to create a small station on moon

NASA is going to create a small station on moon

A hopeful news for science lovers that NASA will build a little station on the moon. It will be a new space Station for astronauts which will be really helpful for the travelers. We can expect that the station will be completed during 2025. It could be considered as a point of any mission that will help to monitoring everything from moon easily.

Actually, the station will work as the break point during the travel to Mars. Though it will not the first orbit station, will be very helpful for the travelers. We have known about the other space station before. Among these stations the new station will be notable for the science lovers as well as the space travelers.

It can be noted that the station will build more short than the ISS. The construction system of the station will be strong as well as the maintenance system will be notable. The station will help to decide the way of earth. There will be also solar panels which will be a source of power.

In an invitation of NASA, the plan of making space station was discussed among many experts. Ben Bussey, chief exploration scientist in NASA, said ““The different science areas are really embracing the idea of a human-tended Gateway around the moon and it doesn’t compete with what they currently do”. The station will give the opportunity to the space traveler for examining the Earth’s matter.


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