Monday, April 16, 2018

A Galaxy is discovered without dark matter

A Galaxy is discovered without dark matter

The discovery of the Galaxies is one of the great success of modern science. But there is good news for the science lovers that a galaxy has discovered without dark matter.Robe Abraham is an astronomer at the University of Toronto. He is a co-author also. Robe Abraham said, "This is really bizarre."  

Robe Abraham told AFP "For a galaxy this size, it should have 30 times as much dark matter as regular matter." He also said, What we found is that there is no dark matter at all." And he added, "That shouldn't be possible."

According to the astronomers, there are approximately 200 billion observable galaxies in the world.They are 65 million light-years from Earth. The scientists had discovered many Galaxies, but those were with dark matter. Allison Merritt from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Germany, said:"It is conventionally believed to be an integral part of all galaxies, the glue that holds them together and the underlying scaffolding on which they are built."

A new kind of telescope has developed by Abraham and lead author Pieter van Dokkum of Yale University. With the help of this new telescope, the first Galaxy without dark matter has discovered.A mobile Dragonfly Telescope Array is used withNano-coated lenses. Abraham said "Conventional telescopes are good at finding small, faint objects. Ours is really good at finding large ones. "Dokkumsaid,"It challenges the standard ideas of how we think galaxies work.” However, a galaxy without dark matter is an exclusive discovery as well as a notable success of the modern science.


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