Sunday, April 15, 2018

A robot is built named as Fribo

A robot is built named as Fribo

Fribo is a Robot which is able to get young people relief from loneliness. In this modern Age, most of the people are living alone. Everybody is busy with his/her own business.We know that loneliness and isolation are bad for our health. It can sick us physically as well as mentally. Many ways are applying to bring people together.

The researchers of Korea are trying to solve the problem of the loneliness of the people. The Korean researchers have created a robot named Frido which can increase the interest of the people to call each other. The Robot Fribo has built for the home specially. It can be used to increase social network obviously. The robot can work more perfectly than other robots which had made for home before.

The robot Fribo can build a virtual living space which will be helpful for the lonely people. By this robot, the people will be interested in chatting with each other. The people can use the via chat apps to chat each other. The domestic activities like when someone comes home, opens a fridge, turns on a light etc. will be done the information will be shared with the rest of the group. Frido will say:“Oho!Your friend opened the front door. Did someone just come home?”

However, anyone can receive the message about the guest and can respond by texting the group chat. They can also respond by knocking near their Fribo. The robot will pass on a direct message:“What are you doing? Kwangmin is curious!”  Then the users have to clap three times when Fribo gives them a message. If a friend comes back, then Fribo will send the information to the other friends and send them“welcome back “message. It is an interesting matter that a robot can send the information about one friend to other friends.


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