Tuesday, April 24, 2018

An August lock will keep your home secure with Apple watch app

An August lock will keep your home secure with Apple watch app

The users of Apple watches can strong their home security with the help of an August lock. Many smart lock companies have tried to make the home security strong for the users. Now, we want to inform our readers about a smart lock August. It is one of the original examples of the keyless smart lock. The August lock can make the home security more strong than other lock systems.

The latest lock qualities are available in the August lock. The main latest feature is the ability to control the user’s lock with their Apple watch. If we wear an Apple wristwatch on our wrist, it can help us to control our home lock. Apple has launched a brand new August Apple Watch app which will make the owners tension free about both locks as well as unlock their August-equipped doors.

We have known by Apple that “Augustsays your phone must be ‘nearby’ to use the feature, as the new feature depends upon Auto-Unlock to work.” From the users Apple Watch screen, they will be able to view multiple locks. They can set it up so that their Apple device can control the main lock. So, the August lock is the best smart lock at this time.

However, the update of August lock is a notable improvement of modern technology. If we want to use the August Watch app, we have to update our August App on our iPhone to version 6.7.10 or higher. We have to sure that our watch is running Watch 0S 4 or higher. At first we have to log in on our iPhone to sync the locks with our watch. There is an option of allowing guest also. We have to open the guest list in the August app to allow guest.


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