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Best 5 New Phones 2018 - With Video

Best 5 New Phones 2018 - With Video

We are trying our best to spend enough time on research, editing, videography etc. to choose the best news for this wed side. We want to help the customers who need to buy their selected device which will be helpful for them as well as very useful for them to improve their lifestyle with the blessing of modern science and technology. Now we want to inform our readers about some best phones of 2018.

In this year, the customers of android phone or the android lovers can easily buy their favourite phones. They have to buy their phones according to the features of the Android phones which are perfect for them. Many reputed companies have launched their new Android model for their customers like as Samsung, Sony,Nokia, xiaomi as well as Huawei etc. It is needed for us to know about the new Androidphones. So this type of news always helps us to know about many significance matters. So we want to inform our readers about 5 best phones of 2018.

1.   Apple iPhone SE 2
The iPhone SE is one of the best android phones of 2018. ThisiPhone is a cheap as well as small iPhone. It has a 4in screen with another update. It is a wonderful phone for the android lovers. The iPhone is not too cheap or small iPhone we are expecting. In fact, it may be an iPhone X SE which will have a larger screen as well as reasonable price. The new SE will be cheaper than the iPhone X. The screen of this iPhone is 6.01 LCD.The news of Apple iPhone SE 2 has announced by WWDC. It can be expected that Apple iPhone SE 2 will come on 4 June of this year.The special features are able to make this phone best among other phones.

2.   Huawei P20
Huawei P20 is the best android phone at this time. It is an important t news for all that Huawei P20 and P20 Pro were launched in 2018. The phones were launched on 27 March.This phone has 25 times better than CPU performance as well as 50 times greater energy. It is very interesting for its triple camera. The phone has a notch like the iPhone X though it can be switched off.There are some notable features which have made this phone best one among other Android phones of 2018.

3.   Google Pixel 3
The Google Pixel 3is one of the best android phones of 2018. We will get three Google pixel 3 phones on 4 October 2018.It is known to us that these new Android phones will run the to-be-announced android 9.0 P. They have Snapdragon 845 processor as well as feature 18:9 pOLED panels.So the best phone will able to satisfy the customers with the help of its own qualities.

4.   HTC U12
HTC U12 is another best Android phone at this present time. It is a wonderful phone which can be considered as the best usable android phone. So it is not unloved at all. Really, we are waiting for this phone with great expectation. It may comeinMay in this year. This phone will be the competitor to Galaxy S9, Sony Xperia XZ2 as well as Nokia 8 Sirocco etc. There are some noteworthy features in this phone for which it can be considered as the best Metal detector.

5.    LG G7
The LG G7 is one of the best Android phones of 2018. It did not launch at MWC 2018,but it can be hoped that we will get the LG G7in June 2018. It will have full vision 6.1 MLCD+ display. It will have Snapdragon 845, 4GB, 64GB storage, wireless charging as well as dual-cameras also.These notable qualities make the phone best one.

To conclude, it should be clear to the readers that we have rated these Android phones according to their qualities and facilities mainly.  We will be really happy if the users will be benefited by our tech information inanyway to fulfil their wishes as well as their demand for using this kind of devices with great satisfaction.


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