Sunday, April 22, 2018

Diamond can be bent now

Diamond can be bent now

Diamond is one of the complex natural materials in the world. Actually, it is considered as the most complex thing in the world. But an international research team has research with Diamond. The researchers said that they had found that diamond can be bent now. Really, it is a success of modern science.

The researchershave announced that diamond can bend as well as has the ability to takestretch. Diamond can take stretch like rubber. It is possible that diamond can return to the previous step or original step.Now, we can get diamond as an original shape with the help of modern science. The researchers said, “Polycrystalline diamond nano-needles, where each needle comprises many nano-size grains or crystals of diamond, can withstand a reversible, elastic stretch of up to 4 percent before breaking.”

We have known by a study published in the journal Science that the door is opened to various kinds of diamond-based devices now. The various kinds of diamond-based devices such as sensing, data storage, optoelectronics, biocompatible in vivo imaging as well as drug delivery etc. are available now.Subra Suresh is the President of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He said,“This work also demonstrates that what is usually not possible at the macroscopic and microscopic scales can occur at the nano-scale where the entire specimen consists of only dozens or hundreds of atoms, and where the surface to volume ratio is large.”

In the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dao Ming had led a team. The team said “the narrow diamond needles, similar in shape to the rubber tips on the end of some toothbrushes but just a few hundred nanometers (billionths of a meter) across, could flex and stretch by as much as 9 percent without breaking, then return to their original configuration.”

Lu Yang is a senior co-author and Associate Professor of mechanical and biomedical engineering at the Chinese University Of Hong Kong. He said, “We developed a unique Nano-mechanical approach to precisely control and quantified the ultra-large elastic strain distributed in the Nano-diamond samples.”The researchers have found that the tensile strain of the Nanoscale diamond was as high as 9 percent.


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