Saturday, April 21, 2018

Homo sapiens’ 90000-yr-old finger bone found in Saudi

Homo sapiens’ 90000-yr-old finger bone found in Saudi

90000-yr-old Homo sapiens’ bone finger found in Saudi Arabia. It has happened in Nefud Desert.A scientisthas researched about this bone. They announced that the bones are the source of knowing the history about our species came out of Africa and about the colonizing in the world. Researchers said ’’The middle bone of an adult’s middle finger found’’.

We have known this information from a site called Al Wusta. Once upon a time, the Nefud Desert was hospitable this individual lived - a grassland teeming with wildlife alongside a freshwater lake. But at present, it is a desert in which the first ancient human fossil has kept.

It can be noted that our species first appeared in Africa. The species of ours found 300,000 years ago. The fossil is an intermediate phalanx bone which is 1.2 inches long. The discovery of the bones is very helpful for the researchers to discover hidden information about a human being.

Petraglia said“This supports a model not of a single rapid dispersal out of Africa 60,000 years ago, but a much more complicated scenario of migration. And this find, together with other finds in the last few years, suggests- Homo sapiens is moving out of Africa multiple times during many windows of opportunity during the last 100,000 years or so.” However, the discovery shows that the inhabitants of the land were moving into the interior of the land.


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