Sunday, April 29, 2018

Microsoft Store keeps Apple iTunes now

Microsoft Store keeps Apple iTunes now

At present Microsoft Store is popular with the technology lovers. We can get Apple iTunes on the Microsoft store. Microsoft has promised that Apple’s iTunes will be available on Microsoft Store. At first, it did not happen, but now the promises of the Microsoft are fulfilled at last.

We can get Apple iTunes from Microsoft Store. In Microsoft Store, we will get same iTunes as the iTunes of Apple’s website. The Microsoft Store’s download, management, installation, as well as update have done by Microsoft and its platform of the Universal Windows. We have not to update the app specifically if our Windows 10 app updates automatically.

Let’s come in terms of functionality; there shouldn’t be any difference between two versions.It has the benefit that the users will use “locked down” Windows 10 systems like Windows 10 with S mode. The systems will only allow the installing apps from the Microsoft store.

However, the systems won’t give any benefit for the Windows 10 on ARM users. It is helpful to the particular desktop bridge. It is useful for a picky Apple. Anything will be good for Apple that will also be good for other software vendors.


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