Friday, April 27, 2018

Now 2 billion stars can be shown by the new map of the Milky Way

Now 2 billion stars can be shown by the new map of the Milky Way

We will able to see approximately 2 billion stars by the help of the map of the Milky Way. At present we have the detailed catalogue of stars which we can see in the Milky Way galaxy yet. So, it is possible today to know about the members of the Milky Way with the help of this new galaxy map successfully. The map is really very helpful as well as interesting to the mystery lovers.

The new Galaxy map has created by using the data which are collected by the Gaia satellite. The Gaia satellite is able to show approximately 2 billion stars. The satellite gives us many new objects which were unknown to us. It means the Gaia satellite makes the unknown objects known to us. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), “the Gaia satellite — shows about 1.7 billion stars, including many objects never seen before.”

We will able to know about two years of sky charting by the help of the new catalogue.ESA Director of Science, Gunther Hasinger, said:“The observations collected by Gaia are redefining the foundations of astronomy.” He also said,“Gaia is an ambitious mission that relies on a huge human collaboration to make sense of a large volume of highly complex data.”

Actually, the new galaxy map has made on the base of Gaia’s first map. The first Galaxy map released in 2016. It was made by the observations of a year probably. According to the ESA, The new map has completed after including 2 million stars. Then the map was updated in this year.Gaia researcher Anthony Brown said:“The second Gaia data release represents a huge leap forward." He has said the statement by the reference of the previous space-based attempts to measure the distances as well as positions of stars in our galaxy. Fred Jansen is the manager of ESA Gaia mission who said: “Gaia is astronomy at its finest.” He also said: “Scientists will be busy with this data for many years, and we are ready to be surprised by the avalanche of discoveries that will unlock the secrets of our galaxy.”

However, the Galaxy map will able to satisfy the mystery lovers obviously as well as the Astronomers can use the new map in order to learn more about certain stars in our galaxy successfully. The creation of the Galaxy map is a great success of modern science undoubtedly.


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