Saturday, April 14, 2018

Stroke recovery may possible by Gene therapy

Stroke recovery may possible by Gene therapy

It is a good news for us that we can get a way to improve the brain ability of a stroke patient. It can be done by Gene therapy. The researchershave found the ability of recovery brain damage in the system of Gene therapy. It can be an effect able treatment for a stroke patient. The doctors can give the Gene therapy to improve their patient’s brain position. So, it will a great success of modern science.

The Gene therapy can remove spinal cord injuries of the stroke patient. The system had applied on amice,and it worked to remove injury successfully. Mark Goldberg is the co-author of Texas’ Southwestern Medical Center in the US who said:“We have known that astrocytes can help the brain and spinal cord recover from injury, but we didn’t fully understand the trigger that activates these cells.”

The researchers deleted the LZK gene in astrocytes of some injured mice at first. Then they saw that the system was working to remove injury successfully. The system was worked on the spinal cord. The researcher overexpressed the gene in other injured mice. Then they said that “Overexpressing the gene in uninjured mice also activated the astrocytes, confirming LZK as a trigger for astrogliosis.”

The study of the researchers had shown that the LZK gene of astrocytes could be turned on to prompt as a recovery response which is called astrogliosis. The researchers said:”a smaller scar likely aids the healing process by isolating the injured neurons, similar to how isolating a spreading infection can improve recovery.”Really, it is a great news in the field of medical science. By this system, the stroke patients will get chance to alive normally as well as do their daily works successfully. The stroke patient can be gotten a new life with the help of the Gene therapy also.


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