Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tess, the satellite by NASA, will play an important role in the Alien World

Tess, the satellite by NASA, will play an important role in the Alien World

NASA has created a satellite which will survey the sky for the Alien world. Today we are willing to inform our readers about the NASA’s Tess. It will perform a vital role in the alien worlds. The solar system is servicing billions, and billions of worlds lurk. Though we cannot see them.The Alien planets are drowned out by their own stars.

It can be noted that the NASA’s Tess will launch to orbit very soon in this year. This satellite is designed for seeking out the alien worlds. TESS scientist Natalia Guerrero said in a statement “TESS is kind of like a scout.”Natalia also added “We’re on this scenic tour of the whole sky, and in some ways, we have no idea what we will see. It’s like we’re making a treasure map: Here are all these cool things. Now, go after them.”

We have known that Tess will survey the sky in order  to look for small dips in a distant star’s light. Tess will able to find out any small planet easily. According to MIT, Tess will complete its works within two years. Tess will do its works with the help of four cameras. MIT added in the statement” TESS's four cameras will keep an eye out for transiting planets; scientists expect that thousands of stars should have those detectable worlds orbiting them.”

Tess will able to change the old satellite system which will be a notable achievement of the scientists as well as will be good news for all. It will take the photos of wide-field of the sky every 30 minutes. Guerrero said, “With the two-minute pictures, you can get a movie-like image of what the starlight is doing as the planet is crossing in front of its host star.”

Guerrero also said: “For the 30-minute images, people are excited about maybe seeing supernovae, asteroids, or counterparts to gravitational waves. We have no idea what we’re going to see at that timescale.” TESS will help us to find the first truly Earth-like planet in the world. MIT exoplanet hunter Sara Seager said: “There’s no science that will tell us life is out there right now, except that small rocky planets appear to be incredibly common.” He also said: “They appear to be everywhere we look. So it’s got to be there somewhere.”

However, the invention of Tess is a great success of modern science. We have known from the researchers that the refrigerator-sized satellite can detect about 50 planets that might be similar in size to our Earth. Tess will able to detect the distance of the planets from our earth accurately.



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