Saturday, April 28, 2018

The experiments with the super-earth planets are running by scientists

The experiments with the super-earth planets are running by scientists

In our home solar system, Super-earth planet is larger than Earth. The planet is smaller than Neptune also. Neptune is the largest planet in our home solar system. Approximately 2,000 super-Earth planets have discovered by scientists ever. Scientists are working in order to gain insights into the nature of the planets.

We need to study how iron and silicon take pressures if we want to know about these super-earth planets. At present, it is not possible to travel to any super-Earth planets for experiments. We have to work on these planets in labs. Scientists have been researching about these super-earth planets in a lab of Princeton University. They have been using the techniques which allow access to extreme pressures found in the interior of the planets.

June Wicks is the associate research scholar of Princeton. They have worked with the highest-pressure X-ray diffraction data ever recorded. The research team said, “The interior pressure of a super-Earth planet could reach more than ten times the pressures at the centre of the Earth.” They have applied the techniques of delivered pressures up to 1,314 gigapascals. It is three times higher than previous experiments.

The research team said, “In most experiments used diamond anvils able to produce pressures of 300     GPa.” The pressure is about 3 million time than the pressure at the surface of the Earth.The researchers used two samples for a few billionths of a second and gave them enough time in order to probe the atomic structure using a pulse of bright x-rays in the lab. However, the team will investigate how other light chemical elements affect iron at ultrahigh pressure conditions in future hopefully.


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