Monday, April 23, 2018

The robot can be kitchen worker as a cook

The robot can be kitchen worker as a cook

The robot is a wonderful creation of modern science. Today, we are willing to inform our readers about the research of cook robot. Some researchers of Sony and Carnegie Mellon University have researched with cook robot. They want to use the robot as a kitchen worker. The robot will be used as food prepare, cook, delivery worker etc.

The research team will develop this kind of Robots as a cook who will able to cook food as well as deliver food. They will develop the robots as a chief cook who can work for specific kind of food to prepare it in a specific space of the kitchen. Really, it will be a great success of modern technology if the robot can be used as a cook in the kitchen.

The great research will take place at Carnegie Mellon's Computer Science School in Pittsburgh. The research will consist ofSony executive Dr. Hiroaki Kitano and students. Dr. Hiroaki Kitano will be the leading officer. Sony has already made a fund in order to help the research project of the University.

To conclude, it can be said that the creation of cook Robots will be a large improvement of human lifestyle. The robot can be used in the medical sector, factories as well as rescues. Cook is a veryimportant sector for us. So, if the researchers will able to create the special kinds of Robot which can be used as a cook in the kitchen. We think that cook robot will come with many special features which can satisfy the users. It should be clear to the readers that we will be really happy if the users will be benefited by our tech information in any way to fulfil their wishes as well as their demand to know this kind of Android phones with great satisfaction.


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