Saturday, April 21, 2018

The smart glasses game is closing by Intel

Intel is quitting the smart glasses game, Vaunt canceled

Intel is going to close the smart glasses game. Mainly, Intel is a silicon maker,but it has tried to keep anything under their hand like smartphones to smart glasses. The latest news is that in order to get the boot, it gives the charge to its remaining wearable projects. It means that Intel is axing it’s the plans of smart glass. 

It is a point to be noted that Intel has terrible luck about anything that relates smaller processors, mainly its atom line. The smartphone chips of Intel couldn’t match with ARM processors offer as well as the platforms garnered no enough interest. The last wearable stake or smart glasses has gone away.

However, last February, the vaunt smart glasses has not seemed to have any flaws what the Google glass had. The Vaunt smart glass was less obnoxious, flamboyant as well as practical. Most probably, this is the main cause of shutting it down that it has failed to gather enough interest from the partners to make and sell the glasses.

In conclusion, it can be clear that Intel has made no explanation other than ‘things happen”. Usually, A company tries new things but every time cannotsucceed. Intel’s this decision will be very bad news for the employers of the company. There are approximately 200 people who are working in this company as their income source. The rumour that Microsoft’s next HoloLens will be switching to an ARM processor is one of the main reasons for closing the smart glasses game obviously.


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