Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Samsung patent hints at smart shoes involved with sensors working with mobile connectivity.

Samsung Ssmart Shoes
Samsung Ssmart Shoes

Samsung is popularly known to all as a giant established company launched various smart products aimed to build a smart ecosystem which works as their own. They launched smartphones, smart Televisions and also the smart appliances along with the successful result they also introduced smart clothing’s.  Samsung’s involvement with wearable technology has mostly been on the fringes which work via partnerships or spinoffs. However, this patent reveals a new product ambition which integrated with sensor connecting with the mobile phone for configuring activities, named smart running shoes. This effort will add Samsung’s expanded effort to make more smart accessories which will lead them the apparel side of smart connected devices.

Samsung first showcased smart suit which was targeted mainly at the athletes and was aimed at helping them train for the winter Olympics and by following it, its spinoff launched Iofit shoes on Kickstarter from two years ago aimed at for the golf players. So, this will encourage Samsung to launch smart running shoes which will not limit with the professional runners or athletes rather it will provide access to casual users also. The patent suggested that the sensor of the shoes which will work with the mobile connection will set up inside the shoes. It will work two ways. One method involves with the pulling of the tab of the back of the shoe whereas the second method involves with the mechanism with buttons hidden behind the cover. It should be mentioned here how smart these shoes will be and what kinds of functions are capable of doing and this lacking information is considered as a big missing of information.

To activate these shoe activities; Samsung would only need a pedometer and tracking sensors to count steps taken with the shoe.  However, those shoes can measure pressure to understand whether you are running the right way or you are forwarding to injure yourself. To connect with the sensor, this company needs to use a companion app to help users configure training exercise. Here is another question, will the shoes will able to follow the voice actions? To find the answer, it will appear that there is no sign for Samsungs smart assistance.

However, it is well said that Samsung isn’t exactly a clothing company. It seems that works with a partnership with some popular shoemaker for this wearable product. It is expected that it will now know how to partner with actual legit brands, not knockoffs.


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